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Seniors & Seizures --- the fastest growing population

As many as 300,000 Americans over the age of sixty-five have epilepsy.  Having epilepsy means that they are susceptible to seizures - temporary changes in awareness, movement, sensation, or behavior caused by a sudden electrical disturbance in the brain.

The nature of epilepsy and its treatment are the same whether a person is 6 or 65.  However, some special challenges arise when epilepsy affects older people.  One is recognizing that unusual sensations or behavior may be caused by a seizure.  The second is responding to seizures of any kind in a way that protects the older person from injury.

Is it a seizure?

   Blank staring with no response
  A sudden change of mood Sudden feelings of fear or anger or anxiety
  Aimless wandering, appearing to be in a trance
  Complaints of feeling strange or hearing odd noises that nobody else can hear
  Periods of confusion that begin and end suddenly
  Brief inability to speak
  Lost time, gaps in memory

Click here for more information about seniors & seizures from the national Epilepsy Foundation.

Free "Seniors and Seizures" Training Available

The Seniors and Seizures program is for seniors, caregivers and those who work and care for those with seizures over the age of 60. This is a one hour training that provides the participants the opportunity to: understand how to identify seizures, to respond to a seizure, be aware of what NOT to do during a seizure, recognize when a seizure is an emergency and dispel the myths and misconceptions surrounding epilepsy.

To schedule a "Seniors and Seizures" Training, please call
(297) 593-5562.


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