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Receiving the diagnosis of epilepsy or a seizure disorder can bring an array of emotions.  Some people express "relief" to finally know what they are dealing with. Still others face the diagnosis with fear, apprehension, and even sorrow.

At the Epilepsy Foundation of Aruba, we want you to know that we are here for you - today and tomorrow.

You might not be ready to participate in our programs right away - the important thing now is to ensure that you have received an accurate diagnosis and are receiving the best treatment possible.  The goal is no seizures and no side effects.   If you are looking for information about neurologists that specialize in epilepsy - we can help with that.  If you are looking for resources and more information about epilepsy - we can help with that.  When you are ready to connect with others - we can help with that.  When you are ready to get involved, to get active, to make a difference - we can help with that.

This website is just the start. We're glad you found us. Cruise through, take in the information - and if there is something that you don't see - or if you just want to talk with someone, call us at
(297) 593-5562.


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