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Driving With Epilepsy

Will I be able to get my driver's license?
Yes, if you are not having any seizures that make you black out or lose control of what youíre doing. Currently, in Minnesota, you have to be seizure free for six months before you can get your license. You also have to make a real commitment to take your meds every day, on time, so you donít risk having a seizure on the road.

Iíve had a couple of seizures but I don't want to tell my doctor because Iím afraid Iíll lose my license.
If you donít tell the doctor, youíre missing a chance to adjust your meds so you wonít have more seizures. The bigger risk is that youíll have a seizure while driving. While itís tough not being able to drive for a while, you donít want to risk having a bad accident that hurts you or someone else.

If I lose my license because of seizures, can I ever get it back?
Yes. Once you have been seizure - free (really seizure - free) for six months, you can re-apply and get your license back.

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